A search engine for APIs of Haskell Hackage packages.

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Hackage is an open-source package repository. There are 2 search engines for it that allow to search for package, type and function names: www.haskell.org/hoogle/ and holumbus.fh-wedel.de/hayoo. The former also allows to search functions based on a type signature (very useful), but only covers a small part of the package database. The latter covers the whole database, but doesn't search based on the type signature. What I would like to have is a search engine that combines the power of Hoogle with the coverage of Hayoo and the speed and sheer awesomeness of DuckDuckGo. Also, if you have a good idea of what plug-in type would fit here, please, post -- maybe one day I'll get myself busy implementing this.
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posted by [UserVoice DuckDuckGo Team] • 5 years and 10 months ago Link