Provide personal tax brackets for Canada & Other Info

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It would provide the personal tax brackets for Canada. It would be too much to provide the personal tax brackets for each province if someone just searches "tax brackets in canada"

But if they wrote "tax brackets Ontario" it would be possible to provide an instant answer.

I'm not sure if this is possible, but if they searched tax bracket canada could it request the province?
Instant Answer name: Tax Brackets
2015 amounts shown here:

See title: Provincial/territorial tax rates for 2015
• posted 3 years and 2 months ago

This could also be expanded a lot further to provide "Instant Answers" to a lot of common tax topics by grabbing the info paragraph from a lot of pages. The CRA pages are basically the best, most comprehensive sources of information yet they rarely appear less than a couple of results below the rest.

For example:

* Rental income -

* Sole-proprietor, professional income personal tax return -,

* Tax return for a student

* HST -


* TFSA -
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