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The default !wp or !wordpress bang syntax searches wordpress.org using the site's default search engine, which is pretty useless in most cases. Because of the way the wordpress.org site developers have mashed together wordpress and several different mediawiki installations, the site's publicly-accessible search feature is not of use to most people. Searching for names of functions or hooks brings up results pages where old support requests often appear above the relevant Codex entry.

I would like to extend that feature to search some of the most popular mediawiki directories on wordpress.org before sending users to the wordpress.org default search.

For example (off the top of my head), searching `!wp register_post_type` translates to `http://wordpress.org/search/register_pos...`, which is not a useful list. I would like it instead to check `http://codex.wordpress.org/?search=Funct...` first; and maybe go to the default search API if that doesn't redirect to a result.

Is this possible?

Obviously wordpress.org's search functions need to be refined as well. This might get some users around the biggest pain points there, though.
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The bang syntax is really independent of the duckduckhack plugin platform. For new bang or bang improvements, check out https://duckduckgo.com/newbang.html

However, if would work as a good fathead plugin if you scraped the pieces of the api you wanted to exact match, e.g. function names.

Then you could just type in

wordpress register_post_type

And get an instant answer without ever having to go to the site, and you could tie it to the exact right url for more clicks.
posted by yegg Staff6 years and 8 months ago Link