A pomodoro timer, timers for pomodoro, short and long breaks

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Often when working I'll use the pomodoro technique:
Work for 25 minutes,
Take short 3-5 minute break.
Repeat for 4 cycles then take a longer 15-30 minute break.

I'd like to build something similar to the countdown timer, have 3 permanent timers, 25, 5 and 30 minutes set and the user can start and stop these to track their cycles.

I currently use this technique and have to load a website (http://tomato-timer.com/) to track them.
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• posted 3 years and 22 days ago

Pomodoro technique is great! It would be a great thing to add to DuckDuckGo!

There is a timer IA triggered by eg. https://duckduckgo.com/?q=timer (https://duck.co/ia/view/timer) that could be used as A Pomodoro timer. Though, if someone searches for 'pomodoro technique' or 'pomodoro timer' there is no IA with a timer triggered. I use pomodoro technique too but with my own work slots (40m-30m), so I'd find useful that we could also define our own time slots.

I'd probably suggest one of 2 things:
- trigger the timer IA when 'pomodoro', 'pomodoro technique' or 'pomodoro timer' is searched.
- build a new pomoro-purpose timer from scratch (I'd still suggest that we could change the interval times :D)

thumbs up for pomodoro though!
posted by gpestana 3 years and 22 days ago Link