Sentiment analysis of text and external sources in DDG

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trigger examples:
- ‘sentiment analysis of “today is a beautiful day”’;
- ‘mood of “tomorrow is going to rain”’;
- ‘sentiment analysis of’ (for twitter/external sources sentiment analysis)
- ‘sentiment analysis of’ (for twitter/external sources sentiment analysis)

1. Possibly a goodie (there is this Rate_Sentiment module based on WebSerive::GoogleHack at CPAN. If using GoogleHack is a problem, we could implement our own rough sentiment analysis algorithm and improve it with time -- interesting project)
2. spice: use external apis

output: metrics based on the analysis done:
- context polarity
- effective state (%)
- perceived emotional communication (%)
- error degree (%)
Instant Answer name: Sentiment analysis
There are several external APIs for sentiment analysis, though all of them to be seem commercial:

It could work out as a goodies as well
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I'm not really familiar with sentiment analysis but an Interesting idea. My first instinct is that doing it as a Goodie seems like a lot of work and a Spice would be easier, but if all decent external APIs are commercial then that makes it tricky.

I'm not sure who would use a sentiment analysis of a single phrase but of a Twitter feed or something would be cool.
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