The complete works of Shakespeare by play, act, scene, speech, line or speaker.

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Searching for Shakespeare would show a carousel of plays & poems.

Searching for the name of a Shakespeare play like `Othello` or a specific act like `Othello act 2` would show a carousel of scenes.

Searching for the name of an act and scene like `Othello act 2 scene 1` or `Othello act 2 scene 1 speech 2` would show the transcript.

Searching for a line number like `Othello line 990 ` or `Othello 2.3 line 67` would return that line
"Iago : Tis pride that pulls the country down"

Searching for a character like 'Othello Cassio' would show a carousel of their speeches.

You should be able to search using the syntax `2.3` as well as in full `act 2 scene 3`

Sonnets would show the transcript and could be searched for by sonnet number or sonnet number and stanza like `Shakespeare sonnet 4 stanza 2`
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I'm currently building a Shakespeare as a Service (SaaS :p ) endpoint using the XML from
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