Syllable Counter?

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I have a poem i have to work on today, and as i was searching for a website to provide me one, why not make it a plug-in or a goodie? Your wonderful site has a lot of cool things available that simply need polishing, but I thought it would be nice if one could be a syllable counter, or a whole slew of english counting tools (words, sentences, paragraphs, etc.). I do extremely like the goodies page but I feel its arrangement is a slew of everything even similar to the category it is under, making it difficult to navigate or use since I am still not entirely sure on how to use it properly.
• posted 5 years and 6 days ago

This should be placed under the , its interesting idea and should be considered

By the way if you are into rhymes and stuff you can use these
posted by TV 5 years and 6 days ago Link
This syllable counter tool is a good one.
posted by <hidden> • 3 years and 3 months ago Link