language syntax differences

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Shows how a syntax can be defined in different languages. The idea is " if I type a variable declaration,method declaration or say writing for loop, I should be able to get how to write the syntax in at least 2 or 3 languages.
Motivation for this idea : I am a C# programmer and just started learning python through the udacity CS 101 course. It was little difficult getting used to the python syntax
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Yes..similar to the cheat sheet. Also like how the msdn .net pages shows how a certain construct is done in C++,C#,XAML. The main criteria for the result set is to include at least one compiled and an interpreted language.
For keyword, yes i was thinking of the same syntax : <<construct>> in <<language>>
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Hyperpolyglot is hosted through Wikidot and their API could be used to filter through that cheat sheet: However, multiple input locations should probably be used.
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Kind of like this cheat sheet?

For keywords, I'm guessing "loop in python" is something like what you were thinking?
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