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if you search for a book or movie, you get a list with similar books or movies. for example if the wort "similar" is used in the search query.

The first source here (tastekid) is for music, movies, tv-shows, books, authors and games.

The second source (similarkind) has the categories movies, tv-shows, books, music artists, games.

Pesonally I prefer the first source (tastekid), because of the category author, and they also reccomend books if you type a movie title (cross categorical comparison). These kind of comparisons and reccomendations are also best for the IA I have in mind.
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• posted 3 years and 9 days ago

Yes, it can be very interesting !
For e exemple with sames actors, or same "thematic" !
posted by <hidden> • 2 years and 11 months ago Link