Reverse phone-number lookup, and links to spam listings

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Given a phone number, try to find it in a reverse directory if possible, or perhaps in some business's contact information from one of the business listing sources. Also try looking it up on spam listing services like or similar, and giving the number of unwanted calls reported from that number.
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(I originally reported this idea, then I deleted my account on a different UserVoice forum and found out the hard way that UserVoice shares accounts across all forums.)
posted by [UserVoice Josh Triplett] • 6 years and 9 months ago Link
Most local phone books have reverse directories, is there some compilation of these on the web?
posted by [UserVoice Casimir Kromkowski] • 5 years and 8 months ago Link
It's quite easy to "bounce" a phone call signal to and from multiple sites. It's similar to what the "Tor" browsing project does, jumping from IP site to site. It keep's tap dancing, assuming no one would "see" it. Honestly, we usually notice someone who we think is dancing "badly" We don't see or care that they're dancing at all.

That same sense "something is wrong with this picture" applies to phone calls. If a number come's up as say; 000-000-0000 that happen's because who ever is calling you, does not want you to know who or where they are. People can lie when they make a phone call.

But the communication's technology they have to use can't. Weird as it sound's, the current technology become's quietly, steadily better at making your call go threw based on tagging any one making a call with a numerical (meaning made up) qualifier.

And I have no idea why this actually is. But because the "phone system" get's "faster" over time, it does so by associating the origin of any call, with connecting that to a specific location on a map. And when anyone uses a phone associated with that made up number and that means where you are, and you start "being elsewhere", the technology as it is, goes seriously wacko, and quite often assign's you a number that may be "000-000-0000".

The way the current technology work's, it can't actually know WHO you are, only where you are, and from that it "invent's" a profile, um a number based code it associate's with "you". Yes that "number" can travel, and if someone tries to "make a call" from what ever source, HOWEVER it is first associated with any person logged in as "XYZ", and it "morph's" into something, anything else, THAT'S something the various phone company-computer's have what in the human world is called a psychotic break.

And as I said, I don't know how this happen's, but when some "one", who now has a made up number associated with a certain place, is deceptive in behavior, in other word's tries to be anything but who they actually are? The poor computer's that are used by any phone company see radical variance in that signal, and because "they" are not self aware, they also don't know what a "lie" is.

The non-sentient but obscenely mathematical thing to do is assign that caller a non-sensical number such as all zero's. NO ONE has any phone number that is all "000"s" If that does pop up on your caller ID, it's also a computer's attempt to understand, what it can never process. Any change in behavior, new enough to "not fit" in pattern with that made-up number it gave you, for if "that" happened to any one of us, we might call it a bad day, period. And most of us would not go "wacko". Why? If your rational that would be "silly".

Ahem, I did it again. Rewrote "War and Peace" on your time. Sorry... If you have "caller ID", and this is important it's from a land line, a physical wire that is connected to your house, or anywhere you like to, or don't, but do spend your time. The reason that's important it's an easy, controllable factor. Cell phone's, even Cordless phone's, use radio to do, what they do. When radio signal's "***** up" it's usually not even close to what most call a "conspiracy"

If you are embarrassed by certain co-operative behavior, it's unlikely you planned it. So start your quest (sounds noble) with a phone physically linked to, some where. If you have caller ID, get a web cam, or any cam, and position it so it "see's" every call that you get. Often, toll free number's are what we call "throw away's". There one day, gone the next. Not a good sign.

To make them "go away" sometime's you have to let them know, you know something they don't know. Most of the time we (ok, I) know s****, but just giving someone that impression, is powerful. Making record's of their calling you, though I think it's silly but true, say's your in charge (ok, if only in getting one phone call)

So to prove you just might know what they are unaware about, and shoving that in their face proves you do. Yes, it's infantile, but I'm not spamming, or (hopefully) bothering anyone. There is an algorithm I will post later that associate's certain toll free area code's with certain prefixes. That's the three number's after an area code, at least in the US.

Again, I don't know how this work's, but there is a certain configuration of "walk away" area codes associated with certain numerical "prefixes". Knowledge is power, and most of the time, hopefully only amusing.
posted by [UserVoice Robert] • 5 years and 5 months ago Link
Source for Spam Phone numbers:
User Entered Data - (somewhat crude, but accurate and will auto update)

Users will report spam listings as they receive them. Common listings will eventually will be obvious and listed based on prevalence and amount of spam/solicitation reported.
posted by [UserVoice jo] • 5 years and 3 months ago Link
for Germany you can use official Klicktel Open-API

40 Million People from Germany. I think we need elp from the community to reallize this Projekt.....
But I think it is possible make a workaround.

I think by problems with Big Data we can ask the "NSA" .-) they are experts..

I hope i can help...
posted by [UserVoice Thomas Baumann] • 5 years and 2 months ago Link
Thanks, Thomas!
posted by yegg Staff5 years and 2 months ago Link