international address format recognition

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For example: Currently, DDG does not recognize addresses formatted in the German standard: Duck St. 001, 10101 Ducktown, Duckland
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I suggest to find ZIP Codes of other countries than the United States:
Germany: with the German equivalent 'PLZ' for Postleitzahl, i.e. 'plz 28205' for a center part of Bremen, Germany
France: 'arr 01000' for Bourg-en-Bresse, France
Too bad that 'cp' or 'pc' stands for postal code or code postal in many (European) countries.
Maybe it's more promising to use the country's ccTLD and 5-digit-code: 'de 28205' or 'fr 01000'
What do you think?
posted by [UserVoice Philip Grazianski] • 6 years and 11 months ago Link
This is now live (via our internal map plugin that we plan to open source soon). If it isn't working for a particular address please let us know at
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Something in here could be useful:
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