Area code location - give a location for an area code

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e.g. map 321 gives FL
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I would use this functionality very frequently. "NNN area code" or "area code NNN" should show the correct area as the primary zero-click info, and just "NNN" should show the area code as one of the possible meanings of that three-digit number.
posted by [UserVoice Josh Triplett] • 6 years and 9 months ago Link
Looks like "area code ###" is already handled by Wikipedia zci..
posted by [UserVoice Brian Hetro] • 6 years and 9 months ago Link
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posted by <hidden> • 6 years and 8 months ago
I am all for xxx-centrism, American or otherwise. I would hope that Duck would entertain all ideas, even though they may be helpful to relatively small locations or other people groups. I can either ignore or learn from goodies I find here, but I am glad they are here because someone uses them.
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posted by [UserVoice DuckDuckGo Team] • 5 years and 11 months ago Link
The wikipedia snippets aren't always there and could be improved. Something with this might work:
posted by yegg Staff6 years and 9 months ago Link
With today's technology, area codes are getting more and more irrelevant as actual area codes. Companies can obtain area codes and phone numbers to make it seem as if the call on Caller ID is a local one. I believe some providers allow the customer to request a particular area code when setting up phone service. Assuming that an area code's original location will give accurate information seems a fool's errand now, and even more so in the future. "Area codes" are really just adding 3 more digits, requiring 10 digit numbers in daily local usage in many locations.
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