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The idea is to use random positive affirmations and short truths or statements that could inspire people everytime they use duckduckgo. This is done to make ddg more personal and humane search engine. Besides it gives ddg a twist and makes ddg stand out from the crowd. Examples: I choose a healthy way of lifeReality is the projection of my mindToday my dreams come trueI can do everything - my possibilties are endlessEverybody is where they belong toThe time ia nowJust to name a few. And there are a lot of them out there. This way everytime I search something I would reflect on the meaning of the affirmation or saying. Its entertaining and besides makes the world better.Its just a thought. I look forward to your replies guys. You can contact me at denis_donici@yahoo.com
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Can you please expand on this? Sounds like a cool instant answer to generate a random motiviational quote.

You could trigger it with keywords like, "motivate me" or "inspirational quote"

What sources would you recommend?
posted by zac Staff5 years and 18 days ago Link
Hi Zac! I'm glad that somebody is sharing my thoughts about this idea. That's really cool, if you could just type in "motivate me" and a quote appears. At the same time i have to go thru this extra step to find the motivation or quote. There has to be an intention from users side. The way i see it that when somebody loads the DDG's main page, the quote is placed above the logo or maybe lower then the " Search anonymously. Find instantly ". If you will refresh the page a different quote will appear. I think the text should be gray, so it won't be screaming...it's just like a subtle suggestion. If however the use gets interested in it, could hover it, and it gets black, and by clicking it could take the user to the DDG Quote of the day or something like that. Most important the quotes have to be positive and short. Easy to remember.

Here, i found another one, really good "What we see depends mainly on what we look for" it's related to DDG.

i got it from here http://www.famousquotesandauthors.com/topics/positive_quotes.html
other resources:

I also thought it will be cool to mention some surprising or smart information that can be calculated like : you are one in 7195162123 people

you are 94,075,000 miles from the sun right now (depends on the location ) (space)

today you had so far 100,800 breathes (calculating how much time pass since the midnight/could use heartbeats) (medicine)

there are 2 317 659 people didnt eat enough today (humanitarian)

there were 3 567 054 trees cut today (environmental)

by clicking on this numerical infos DDG can explain how actually it is calculated

So you can see zac, there are a lot of things that could be done in order to create interest in different types of user. To create social currency for them. And definitely, if something will impress them (other wise they had to know what to look for it in order to get it) they could find the information or the quote useful and they might even mention DDG in the conversation with others. It's a very smart marketing move. Since most of the people that use DDG are quite intelligent (they understand the privacy issue), quotes like that will trigger automatically in them association with DDG because the see it all the time on the DDG home screen.

I hope this helps to give you a perspective on what i was thinking about. If you have spare time, i will be glad to know how far this idea went to. And feel free to ask me anytime. You got my email in my first post!
posted by <hidden> • 5 years and 18 days ago Link
Maybe "fortune cookie" or "fortune cookie wisdom" as keywords

Not sure if that is 100% serious though
posted by DuckDuck1337 4 years and 10 months ago Link