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Duckduckgo should make it that when you type in "url shorten www.example.com/example.html&ExAmp13"
It responds "www.exm.pl/ExMpl1". Duck Duck Go could either make its own url shortener maintained by themselves or an external company like bit.ly or ow.ly.
Bit.ly,Owl.ly,tinyurl.com,is.gd and v.gd,tr.im, tiny.cc. To make the url service I know of 1 source www.yourls.org
There are many other url shorteners but those are some of the most popular.
• posted 5 years and 12 days ago On Hold

We currently have this (using is.gd) but it's down for the moment because of some internal issues causing bugs.
Hope to have it live again soon!
posted by zac Staff5 years and 11 days ago Link
!tinyurl works.


!tinyurl yourwebsite.com

The !bang uses results from TinyURL.com. Enjoy!

posted by x.15a2 Community Leader5 years and 11 days ago Link