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Hello DDG folks!
I have been a long-time user of DDG on the desktop. I am looking to contribute to DDG. I have the environment setup and could author a basic Goodie without any hiccups.

File extension / format lookup : I just thought of this idea to contribute towards, but this is just one idea; I am flexible in doing anything else you guys need some work on.

I noticed that if I type in file extensions with a period as the prefix, such as ".MLB", we do get back some information by a Wikipedia lookup : "A file with this extension may be a Macro library file for RT-11, Symphony." Great!


0) Is this an idea that you want me to pursue or would you rather have me contribute elsewhere?
1) I actually typed in "MLB file format". It took me time to figure out that I am supposed to try ".MLB", i.e., I am suggesting that the lookup should probably work for .*(file format|file extension) and variants
2) Where does the lookup for file extensions happen? Is it a Goodie, a Spice, or something else? I looked briefly but could not find an appropriate Trigger
3) This site is awesome for file extensions : Notice how MUCH more information it has compared to Wikipedia. I could talk to them and set up a cron job to scrape the site once in a while so that the file extension lookup just becomes a Goodie on our side...(Getting them to do an API might be difficult)

Please let me know how I can help! :-)

Source: seems fairly impressive in it's depth of detail. Unlike Wikipedia (Alphabetical_list_of_file_formats (M-R)), it provides a "Primary association" as well as Secondary possibilities for each file type.
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Thanks! This could definitely be spun out into its own instant answer. You can work on absolutely anything you want, if you're not particularly interested in this. The best places to help are:
-current ideas

For this, it could be made as a Spice, if you can find a good source which has an API. Otherwise, it would probably be best as a Fathead.
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I voted up for this idea, it's would be great Goodie.
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this would be very useful
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