romanization for searched words--or split into alphabet/phonic characters?

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realized while playing with the bang feature, google incorporated langauge translate straight into single word queries. ie. fandango.

an interesting thing i noticed while playing with this was the yiddish translation:

correct or not, the back to front in trying to edit the query was very interesting.
Pʼandʼanggʼáw according to google translate's phonetic-read click, was how it reads. but i have not even the first idea, especially thanks to the above mentioned quirk of the language where the alphabet/reading begins or ends. except for maybe it being simply back to front.

i have read of languages where strokes overlap to become characters of a 'secondary alphabet' and too, of ones where there simply is no basic form, only strokes that combine. however as every language needs to a be a construct with some form of order to be read even to a stranger..surely there must be an 'alphabet' existing out there for every langauge each, and the attaching list of 'basic forms' which can be used to break down every charcter in turn that could be used to calculate in such a feature?

please outline the possibilities or indeed, impossibilities, fellow commentors, debators or naysayers. =)
at least in terms of anything, i doubt this is impossible. and to knowledge, surely a unique feature for Any site.
as there is an avid translation effort of the site, i wonder if simply finding little by little, a list of the first language, and then the next, would suffice. surely, simply searching, the internet should return any alphabet for any language..

like the current 'instant answer correction' going on here and there, a wrong/misformed translation could be corrected.

i read also, somewhere vaguely, there would be a problem of english langauge imperialism. aside from the fact that of course it is, that's why humankind is thriving--english too is a language and an alphabet. with the already attached feature of 'read this word' ie.
being able to break down this with an accompanying 'read this' for the individual phonetic would render duckduckgo an indispensable language tool.
e.g using said results with the returned phonetic of rǣs of race (used alternate from initially returned search as otherwise didn't have phonetic dictionary of that particular page)
and with the alphabet provided here
the results could be something like(an optional expand in instant answers as with any of course):
race ( rǣs) [expand]
r [listen](american english) as is red [listen] , try [listen]
æ [listen](american english) as in cat [listen] , black [listen]
s [listen](american english) as in sun [listen], miss [listen]
subtitle: see more at antimoon[link:]

and so on.
or even to save on plaintext unicode, said pronounciation key could be entirely um, what's the word, non special-character needed text. ie like the very easily rendered 'reys' pronounciation key given by default enabled to display anywhere anytime with only the equivalent bit of flash to help with the listening.
but of course as i started this post with a yiddish word, i shall now attempt to do the same as above for said word.
פאַנדאַנגגאָו (read left to right thus.)
פ (p)[listen] like pony[listen] ,
אַ (a)[listen](Yivo standard/Lithuanian dialect) as in ah[listen],, Pa[listen],
נ (n)[listen](Yivo standard/Lithuanian dialect) as in nice[listen],
ד(d)[listen](Yivo standard/Lithuanian dialect) like day[listen] , door[listen]
אַ (a)[listen](Yivo standard/Lithuanian dialect) as in ah[listen],, Pa[listen],
נ (n)[listen](Yivo standard/Lithuanian dialect) as in nice[listen],
ג (g)[listen] (Yivo standard/Lithuanian dialect) as in galaxy[listen], gold[listen]
ג (g)[listen] (Yivo standard/Lithuanian dialect) as in galaxy[listen], gold[listen]
אָ (ou, uh)[listen], (sometimes o)[listen] (Yivo standard/Lithuanian dialect) as in Doug [listen] , duh[listen], Doe[listen]
ו (oo or u)[listen] (Yivo standard/Lithuanian dialect) as in fool

subtitle: see more at
mylanguages [link:],
other: google-translate[link]

whew! hope that got the idea over good enough. again, comments please! =)
thank you for reading and sorry to bother you.
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what? :)
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