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My Idea
They could use more resouces for thier goodies. And they could start something like duckduckgo doodles for every holiday birthday or anniversery and people could go back and look at them in archives...
• posted 5 years and 2 months ago Not an Instant Answer idea

Welcome to the community!
Goodies are always being developed and sources are always being added and updated! You can always suggest a new source for a goodie on this part of the forum. There are already DDG doodles for holidays, anniversaries and world events, which are all pretty awesome! Sadly, the order of the doodles is a bit donked up and in the wrong.
Also, this is wrong forum section, this part is for specific ideas for instant answer ideas, but suggestions etc are more than welcome in the General Ramblings section you can click near the top of the page!
posted by TopHattedCoder Community Leader5 years and 2 months ago Link