Real Time Stock Quotes AND Market Info

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Would be great if DDG would provide up to date market information (more than just the Wolfram Alpha current quote which you need to click to see more info) including opening, high, low, volume etc..when your query includes a stock symbol like aapl.
There appears to be quite a few sources you could pull this from -
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I would say anything is an improvement over just the basic stock price information provided by Wolfram - just comparable to what Google, Yahoo and others are offering when you search a stock symbol.
posted by Kevin_WSL 5 years and 1 day ago Link
I submitted a pull request this weekend that relies on Yahoo! data to show more detailed stock quote info. You can see screenshots here and provide feedback:

The problem is Yahoo! might not like us using their data in this way. I haven't had a chance to review all the sources you found on programmable web but I need something to use instead of Yahoo! The sources I have reviewed looked like they either wouldn't work or they might be prohibitively expensive...
posted by hank 5 years and 1 day ago Link
Hank - Thanks for helping to make this happen. Will look more into the sources as well - I'm sure we can find something that will work.
posted by Kevin_WSL 5 years and 15 hours ago Link
This may be a possible alternative to Yahoo, not sure about pricing but apparently it's very well documented -
posted by Kevin_WSL 5 years and 11 hours ago Link
Also.. I'm not a developer so forgive me if that wouldn't work.
posted by Kevin_WSL 5 years and 10 hours ago Link
All others, please refer to the pull request comments:
posted by zac Staff4 years and 11 months ago Link
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