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often I need to install a lot of different software on quite a lot of machines with different configurations.

Therefore I often need some obscure package-names that differ from one to another distribution.

E.g. (one simple example that didn't ever occur, but you get the idea), I sometimes need to install LaTeX Beamer and forget its package name. So a quick-search for "ubuntu package latex beamer" would end showing up a quick-link like apt://latex, so I can install it one-click via the software-center. For other distros (which are usually preferrable), it might just show "the package is called latex-beamer".

This would be quite useful to some people I believe.
The package-manager-files of most distributions are freely available, so they are probably easy to get and easy to maintain automatically.
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I'd like it to have the package name, a description, links to different versions (eg, Debian Wheezy, Jessy, and Sid), and of course a link to the webbased package repository package.

Something along the lines of this:


All that data was grabbed directly from the Debian web repo
posted by Two 5 years and 2 months ago Link
An easy way to do grab a list of would be to do a monthly grab of the package lists and details directly from the repos. This would make the entire process much faster as it would all then be internalized.
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Nice! Could definitely be handled as a Fathead (as opposed to a Goodie)
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No problem!
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I'm working on a related module at
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