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You can just type "msdn int" and ddg will list me all answers from msdn and categorize them in programming languages

For example:

"msdn int"

C# <link here>
J# <link here>
Other <other search results>
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• posted 5 years and 1 month ago Needs More Definition

Make this happen, but use something that is non-mdsn dependent. Just make a quick programmer's "reserved words" search, for easy translating between source code languages. How about "duckduckcode xxx", where "xxx" is the reserved language-specific ">=", "if", "for()", or "#def" reserved word. I love this idea!!!
posted by <hidden> • 5 years and 1 month ago Link
To clarify, I suggest to add the MSDN Quixey for Win32 API functions search since MSDN is the official documentation for Win32 API. E.g. if user looks for DrawTextW (which is Win32 function), the Quixey could display the its description and declation in C++, just like here here
posted by <hidden> • 4 years and 10 months ago Link