Display a friendly summary of popular software license agreements

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I have no idea what the syntax would look like, but searching something like "Apache License 2" could give a summary similar to what's seen here: https://tldrlegal.com/license/apache-lic...

I'm unable to find any documentation on the current tldrlegal.com API (if there even is one), but it seems like it is in the works: https://tldrlegal.com/developers

A "this is not legal advice" disclaimer would have to be displayed.
Possibly tldrlegal.com.
I wasn't able to find any other searchable datasource.
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I really like this idea. It would be hard to implement without a nice API, unless we want to write our own summaries for the most popular 50 licenses or what not. I'm curious to see if we can even take this a step further and allow users to input "attributes" of a license (eg "open source", "free to distribute", "attribution") and spit out a matching license. That + a license lookup like you mentioned would be a tool I use frequently. Thoughts?
posted by JulianGindi 4 years and 10 months ago Link
Looks like a "tentative" api is available for tl;dr legal. For example...here is the JSON response for the Apache License:


I'll start looking into getting this started
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