Get movie times based on zip code or city

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You can type showtimes Rochester NY and it will tell you showtimes for theaters in that area,. Or you can type movie times city or zip and a specific movie title. There could be a variety of keywords that would activate this instant answer.

Thanks Duck Duck Go!
IMDB has showtime information, not sure how accessable that info is.
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I'm working on this. Thanks!
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How far did you get?
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posted by <hidden> • 4 years and 9 months ago
I would love to see showtimes available as an IA too! In Canada, most major movie theatres are owned by Cineplex, so all the showtime, movie, trailer, and ticket data can be found at

For all theatres, including independent theatres, showtime information can be found at Both of these sources are very reliable (especially Cineplex, and it lets you buy tickets in advance right off their site!).

If possible, users in Canada who turn on Local Results would receive information from these sources.
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