Protein searches return results from protein databank

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The protein databank is a wonderful repository of protein information. They have a REST interface with all the details here: The basic search is probably the most useful tool, the others are more useful to people tying informatics tools directly to the databank.

For scientists, searching for proteins and getting a PDB result is usually much more helpful than getting a wikipedia stub. Also, the crystal structures are beautiful, and the molecule of the month articles are brilliant.
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Good idea. I used PDB a little bit years ago but I'm no expert on it. We were searching for proteins that had a specific sequence of amino acids if I remember correctly.

Can you give an example search that you would do for this?
posted by jdorw Staff4 years and 10 months ago Link
The main way I use the PDB is to put in a protein name and hope to get back ribbon diagrams and locations of ligand binding. Sometimes I get extra lucky and it's been a "molecule of the month" :) so the whole thing is synopsised in an easy to digest (hahah) "my first protein" way.
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