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a comment on the General Rambling "Get to Google faster. Switch your default search engine to Google." (The last straw) 1 year and 5 months ago
An open letter to Google ...

Ever since Firefox switched to Yahoo by default, Google has been pestering me to switch back to Google, despite that I have maintained Google as the default in my own browser all along. I have set Firefox to erase cookies on close, so these messages just kept re-appearing. It's been very annoying. I've tried hiding the popup with userContent.css, but this eventually stops working as Google makes changes to the generated markup. I've looked into writing userscripts to prevent the popup from opening, or to close it immediately after it opens, but again, these methods seem unreliable as Google keeps changing the markup and the obfuscated scripts. I've looked at loading an applicable cookie automatically through an extension, as I do for the few other cookies I like to maintain, but there doesn't seem to be any documentation regarding what in the cookies instructs the popup not to appear, and it seems that Google is moving more and more toward forcing these types of settings to be stored server-side and only usable in conjunction with session identifier tracking cookies. I've reached my wit's end. After using and recommending Google search and other products for most of my life, I'm moving to another provider. I was a loyal user who has been willing to jump through hoop after hoop to continue using your product in a way that works around the invasiveness of Google tracking, but we've reached one hoop too many. I'm finally ready to say "Duck it!" and "Goog bye for now!"
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