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a comment on the General Rambling petsc source and mailing list search 5 years and 6 days ago
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many old duplicates

it might make sense to index their latest code base and mailing lists
a comment on the General Rambling petsc functions 5 years and 6 days ago
Similarly to manpages for unix software they may be reliably found and parsed from their website.
eg DMDACreate3d: is rather unhelpful.
1) DMDACreate2d - Argonne National Laboratory
2) Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility
3) knepley / dft-rfd / source / src / dft-fft-3d.c — Bitbucket
4) Dyskinetic Syndrome
5) Manual petsc Presentation Transcript
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a comment on the General Rambling DDG as default in browsers: Seamonkey 5 years and 1 month ago Interested? Vote for it. (Please note that Seamonkey, unlike Firefox, is community-run. It does not receive any funds from Google for having it listed there.)
a comment on the token For more on Filter Bubbles, check out %s's %s. in the domain DontBubble.Us for the language Russian of Russia 5 years and 11 months ago
Russian does not have a `` 's '' equivalent. This translation will necessarily be broken: please clarify the %s to get a higher quality translation.
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