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a reply to a comment on the General Rambling WOT/HTTPS Everywhere 5 years and 4 months ago
Is there any hope on doing this? I believe it would be really useful for the privacy fanatic (like me) but also useful for just the casual privacy user because of it's convenience. It is really slow and inconvenient running the cursor over each link to check if it is HTTPS.
a reply to a comment on the General Rambling Bangs cleanup 5 years and 6 months ago
I've also found that banging with !duckco returns a 404 Not Found page.
a reply to a comment on the General Rambling Ethical Web Analytics 5 years and 6 months ago
I think you can do page view tracking ethically. However, unique visitor tracking would require cookies or IP address logging and thus goes more towards the grey area. Province/state and city I believe to be ethical, but not street or coordinates.

Also viewing time could be tracked by having JS add 1 to a timer every second and send back the number every ten seconds, along with a number generated with a random number and a timestamp. This could be logged in a MySQL database and the greatest number per page-load-id (the random number timestamp thing) would be the time spent. As this does not provide page-to-page tracking, it does not violate the privacy of a user (no IP, no cookie, no data profile).
a reply to a comment on the General Rambling An alternate idea for a different way to initiate a search via DuckDuckGo 5 years and 6 months ago
Bing for flights? Try a flight number with DDG: (QZ8501; the flight that disappeared near Indonesia a couple days ago).

I think it would be awesome if DDG could work on some new and inventive way of searching. Perhaps displaying instant answers in a graphical grid with the most relevant largest, allowing a user to click on one and see it expand, getting the information required. DDG can be better in way more than Bangs, IAs and privacy.
a comment on the General Rambling IA Bar Settings 5 years and 6 months ago

It would be cool if a user could change the settings for the IA bar, such as which instant answer to display first and whether to show images and videos all the time (as opposed to searches containing the keywords "pictures," "images," "videos" and "movies").

For example, I might want it to automatically open the Apps IA if it has a result for my search, thus over-riding other IAs, such as About.

This might be best achieved by setting a stack, with the farther up being the more preferred IA. For example:
- Comics
- Meanings
- About
- Images

If I search for "xkcd," this would return the Comics tab above the About tab. In a search for "isis," it would show the Meanings IA instead of the Stock IA about Isis Pharmaceuticals.

Why would this be useful? Zero-click is most Zero-click when it's tailored to the user, thus getting the right IA for the right person. As DDG doesn't collect personal data about users, the next best way of doing this is through an easy-to-use, graphical, intuitive settings menu.

The problem with IA usefulness and auto-expansion has been noted before:

a comment on the General Rambling WOT/HTTPS Everywhere 5 years and 6 months ago

Could DDG please add WOT next to all foreign links? For example, in the screenshot I added, a WOT icon could be added to the left of the link titled "" How would this help users? Ever since I found DDG using WOT, I have found it useful, allowing me to make slightly more informed decisions about going to a website. However, as I don't wish to install the WOT plugin, I would find it convenient if all links had a little ring next to them.

Similar to this, it would be useful to a privacy-conscious user of DDG if there were a little lock icon next to HTTPS links (like the lock icon in the Firefox URL bar if a connection is HTTPS). How would this help privacy? If I take into account that a link is not HTTPS, then I can find an alternative website that is and avoid wiretapping to an extent.

Though DDG provides a significant amount of privacy with tech, it needs to provide more through informing the user of privacy on other sites. I think these simple changes would help that.

a reply to a comment on the General Rambling Acces in China 5 years and 6 months ago
At the time, it was mentioned that and worked. I don't know if they do now (I'm not in China).
a reply to a comment on the General Rambling Blog Date Problems 5 years and 7 months ago
I see it no longer. Perhaps it will happen on Friday...
a reply to a comment on the General Rambling Rebranding Locales, Catering to New Users 5 years and 7 months ago
I think this is a great idea.

If DDG were to use (probably to redirect to an Albanian it would be the shortest search engine domain name. is 10 characters, is 8 and is 7. is 5!

This domain name (in my opinion) is almost as good as snatching from Google!

Is there any chance DDG could get d.dg (even shorter to type than

a comment on the General Rambling My Small Gripes With DDG 5 years and 7 months ago

I have some very small problems with DDG that were so small they didn't really deserve their own threads. Here they are:
- Favicons beneath Official Sites when I have WOT enabled. I should see WOT for both official sites and ads (why ads? I want to see if they're considered safe).
- There should be more information in IAs. For example, the About IA for stuff on Wikipedia could contain way more of the article. I want to be able to get the information with out having to leave the site.
- There should really be a proxy equivalent to bangs, sort of like StartPage (except bangs and when not bangs, normal DDG search). Perhaps you could "?g" to get Google or "?so" to get stackoverflow.
- The switch next to the Location-Centric results setting doesn't look good. Everywhere else on the site, the switches look like blue buttons that say either ON or OFF. I think this would look better similar to that.
- If you go to another page of settings, then save, you're returned back to settings and you must click save to return back to your search.

I'll have more small things like this once I think of them.

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