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a reply to a comment on the General Rambling privacy concerns? WINDOWS 10 BIGGEST OFFENDER!? 3 years and 2 months ago
Mac OS X is no better of a choice than Windows are. Apple are just as selfish and menacing as Microsoft and should by no means be trusted.

What's really important when it comes to software is freedom. Only when our software is free/libre, we can make sure it does not violate our privacy and also make sure it will stay that way.

GNU/Linux is best choice, certainly. Pretty much any distribution will give you more freedom than Windows or Mac OS X would have. But even so, only few distributions are 100% free/libre, and even fewer computers can be used with purely free software. This is something we must support to secure our future in computing.
a reply to a comment on the General Rambling DuckDuckAtlas,maps for duckduckgo 3 years and 7 months ago
Wouldn't that just be re-inventing the wheel? We already have OpenStreetMaps (bang: !osm)
a reply to a comment on the General Rambling Making DuckDuckGo's Javascript free 3 years and 8 months ago
Wouldn't the community be able to help you with liberating your JavaScript, perhaps? I have no experience with it myself, but I assumed it wouldn't be a very demanding task.
a reply to a comment on the General Rambling ISP 3 years and 8 months ago
I'd just like to point out that tagawa provided a good explanation and that Epic Browser is not ethical, nor trustworthy.
a reply to a comment on the General Rambling DuckDuckGo Phones 3 years and 8 months ago
That sounds like a description of Ubuntu. They already made an OS for phones and are rewriting the desktop version to go along with it. While Ubuntu's best concern is not the users' freedom or privacy, I believe their software is still libre and that the OS can make a good candidate.
a reply to a comment on the General Rambling Making DuckDuckGo's Javascript free 3 years and 9 months ago
> I meant free as in money, not free as in "libre".

Ah, yes. While some cases like that exist, I believe it's surely not a rule. A lot of libre and free of cost sofwtare is also very secure and respects your privacy. (I say libre because libre can be verified, but some proprietary free of cost software might also respect your privacy.)

Perhaps you refer to companies like Google, who don't charge you for their services, but track your every step in return. DuckDuckGo is a good example of company that gives you a gratis service, but still respect your privacy.

Of course, values like freedom and privacy come first. If someone provides a safe service for free, that's great! But if they can't afford to make it gratis without sacrificing freedom or privacy, it's better if they make it commercial and keep it moral. Perhaps I should learn to express myself more briefly, though.
a reply to a comment on the General Rambling Making DuckDuckGo's Javascript free 3 years and 9 months ago
> Companies have to make money somehow

I'm pretty sure they meant free as in freedom, not price. When we say "free software", people sometimes think that we mean that the software must be free of charge, which is not true. When we say "free", we mean that the software respects user's four basic freedoms: To use it, study it, modify it and share it. I support using the term "libre software", to avoid confusion.

> should *all products* be free?

That's an entirely different matter. I personally don't think it's a good idea and don't support it. Software needs to be libre because it's software, but it doesn't have to be free of cost. Non-software, obviously, doesn't have to be free of cost, nor libre.

> If you could explain why it would, that would be great.

I can see that making money from libre software might be different from proprietary software. But there are companies that do it and show that it's possible. For reference, the company "Red Hat", or the libre, yet commercial game "Sleep is Death".

> By making all software free, you're paying personal data instead of cash.

Sorry, but could you please elaborate? I don't see how libre software would be dangerous to users' privacy. On the contrary, you can never be sure what exactly is proprietary software doing, therefore you can't be sure that it doesn't collect data from you. Libre software is also open source, which means that anyone can check the code to make sure it doesn't do anything bad.

> I'm willing to pay for good products, and anyone else concerned about privacy probably should be too.

I would also be willing to pay for good products. If a program is libre, I'm still willing to pay for it, because I appreciate the developers' work.
a reply to a comment on the General Rambling Making DuckDuckGo's Javascript free 3 years and 9 months ago
I have used all three versions, but they are certainly not on par. While they all return the same websites, HTML and Lite are only capable of basic searching and lack other functions, such as finding Pictures, Videos, Recipes, or customizing the webpage. Or at least I didn't find any of these.

Since these functions depend on JavaScript and make DuckDuckGo much nicer and usable, I think it would be very good of you to make them free software. DuckDuckGo is a great search engine which works very well and protects users' privacy. If it also protected their freedom, it would truly be something to cherish and fully recommend to people!
a reply to a comment on the General Rambling your opinion of "Blur" and "PrivDog" 3 years and 9 months ago
Sorry if it seems that way. I do not see myself as the ultimate dictator everyone should follow. I do, however, say that all people should do some things which I think are necessary for our society.

If the way I present my opinion and information bothers you, I apologize. Since I'm a flawed speaker, please try to focus more on the content rather than the form. But if you have any suggestions for me, I will be glad to hear them.

It may also seem that way because I witnessed some bad effects proprietary software has had on the world, therefore I am strongly oppossed to it and I try to warn people of it's many dangers.
a reply to a comment on the General Rambling your opinion of "Blur" and "PrivDog" 3 years and 9 months ago
I also remember Iron being open source, but now Wikipedia and others list is as "Proprietary". If it's not intentional, then I hope they fix it soon. Feature-wise, Chromium is a decent browser :)

About the "free vs open-source" thing, that was a bad definition from me. You are right that the terms are not standardized and people interpret them differently. It's true that "open source" is usually used for software that respects your freedom.

For people, they usually have the same meaning and you can use whichever you wish. But it's also true that "open source" stresses the fact that the code is open, while "free" stresses the fact that the program respects your freedom. Even if they have are interpreted the same way now, they leave a different impression. Basically, 'alll libre software has open code, but not all open code is libre'. I think that freedom is very important and we should stress that, so it's better to use the terms "free" or "libre".

(I addressed using completely free software in my other reply in this thread, but basically: It should be free whenever it can be.)
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