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a comment on the Instant Answer Idea Game when someone searches for "I am bored" 3 years and 18 days ago
Do we need a developer for this? i am up if it requires a developer
a comment on the General Rambling Better Image Search 3 years and 23 days ago
More features needs to be added to image search we need to make it advanced to cater to more people who work with images.

Here are some of the features i like:

ability to select aspect ratio of images.
ability to select images with options panaromic or portrait(this should be based on aspect ratio itself but can take the aspect ratio into account loosely)
ability to find images that are licensed with creative commons and can be used by people without acquiring any rights.
ability to search for black and white or colorful images.
a reply to a comment on the General Rambling WANTED: exact search results 3 years and 25 days ago
Shouldn't this be a feature of kind of negation. Like you want some words in your search and your results should not contain certain words, so there could be a syntax like

"James Bond" [#Negate]"agent 007"

This kind of syntax will really help in searching for people. As it can search for james bond pages where there is no agent 007 written and this have a higher chances of returning answers about people with name james bond and are really not a part of the movie.
a comment on the General Rambling Natural language in search 3 years and 25 days ago
When i search for a celebrity instant shows me complete resulting data of that celebrity. With information like when was that celebrity born and where was he born etc. but when i search for like "(when was "Celebrity name" born") or ("Celebrity Name" birthdate)
for example query "when was barack obama born?" it shows me nothing in instant results.
I would like this functionality to be added in instant answers.
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