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a reply to a comment on the General Rambling From what country are you guys? 4 years and 16 days ago
Rats! I thought duckduckgo was a Canadian company. Lol. sounds like something we would do.
a comment on the General Rambling Local Search Results 4 years and 16 days ago
I have found that I use search engines mostly to find local business's and shops. There doesn't seem to be any secret way (or open way) of typing in the right string of words to get business's in my area. Of course it is assumed that when I search for spark plug wires or oil change garage that I'm willing to drive to Texas, California or Australia to buy my needs there. I'm not. 98% of the time I'm looking to deal with business or shops within a ten kilometer radius from my computer. So, does anyone know how to type keyword searches into a search engine and not get results from 4 thousand kilometers away from my computer?
Oh, and does typing in: "" really work to just get Canadian websites?
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