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a reply to a comment on the General Rambling I want to make exceptions in ABP... 3 years and 5 months ago
First, do consider abandoning ad"block" plus-ads as the developer, Wladamir Palant, is self evidently NOT trustworthy since the addition of "acceptable ads". This "feature" is ANTITHETICAL to ad BLOCKING, per se.

But wait, there's more worse!

He has spun a company, EyeO, to accept monies to add content to a white list that you cannot over ride with any filters [individually].

Therefor I strongly suggest you instead use µBlock Origin (firefox, chromium, chrome) or µBlock (safari) [iff you must use safari]. It is MUCH lighter on resources.

µBlock Origin greatly simplifies the whitelisting [or blacklisting] of sites in the default mode. Should you craft your own blocklist, or want to evolve to that point, it offers a more nuanced advanced mode.

Graphs and the like for visual thinkers:

Second, I myself would whitelist DDG if and only if it did not involve allowing 3rd party interweb content as such contributes to Privacy Rape. It's a delightfully poignant turn of phrase.

There is a request to port in the Maxthon forum that you might want to chip in your support. But I could not use an interweb browser without excellent adblocking, or other privacy extensions like

* EFF Privacy Badger [vs Ghostery]
* user scripting

a comment on the blog post Our XMPP services at DuckDuckGo 3 years and 5 months ago
Now provide SIP SIMPLE service using JID as URI.
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