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a comment on the Instant Answer Idea Mailinator random generator 4 years and 11 months ago
1337 - to be clear is your thought that the instant answer would provide a random mailinator email address and a link to that mailinator's inbox? That would be fairly simple to implement.

Zac, I'm not seeing the privacy implications you are concerned with. If I am understanding correctly, no email content would be displayed in the instant answer, only by clicking a link on the instant answer to open the inbox on the mailinator website.

The question I would have before I try to put this together is whether this would provide enough value to people to take up a set of keywords, a bang, or something... but I tend to think the answer is yes.
a comment on the Instant Answer Idea Real Time Stock Quotes AND Market Info 5 years and 3 days ago
I submitted a pull request this weekend that relies on Yahoo! data to show more detailed stock quote info. You can see screenshots here and provide feedback:

The problem is Yahoo! might not like us using their data in this way. I haven't had a chance to review all the sources you found on programmable web but I need something to use instead of Yahoo! The sources I have reviewed looked like they either wouldn't work or they might be prohibitively expensive...
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