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a comment on the General Rambling Feature Suggestion: Search result community ratings+ 3 years and 1 month ago
Many devs are familiar with StackExchange’s user rating system & slashdot’s up/down rating where users can set a visibility threshold. Given I often get false hits for sites that do the equivalent of faking they have the content to get a hit, I was thinking, if there was a way to vote a result up or down and then allowing users to set their filter level to hide things that users have down-voted.

The UI implementation could be very clean:
After one visits a bogus hit site going back to DDG usually displays a checkmark to indicate you’re looked at it. In addition to that, a user could click on the checkmark for a +/0/- toggle to vote on the accuracy of the result. This could be saved as an aggregate rating with the URL. A lot would have to be hashed out still such as “what if a person was new or already voted?”
If a person already voted negative, it could be auto-hidden, or if the default visibility was set to autohide anything with 3–5 down-votes.
“Would this apply per page or per site?”
per page but user configurable to per site (optionally with the site average of -3 as well)
“What some people might value others wouldn’t. What about gaming the system, etc.?”
If a result has a suspicious (user flaggable) discrepancy, and admin can look into it. Adding scope-voting would be the next logical addition. i.e. “this is good for beginners {search term:beginner:+3) but useless for advanced {search term:advanced:-3}.” or “this is for people looking for info {search term:reference:+5} but useless if the person’s wants to buy it {search term:commerce: -5}. or “This is a good overview {search term:general:+5}” etc.

Users could preset their interest as well, or filter by goal if they could refine results: “exclude (pulldown) commercial/reference/etc. results” up top.
And yes this would also mean building in synonym rings/antonym rings and probably best suited for a graph DB…

So, yes this is a huge job with a simple interface, but I think it’s well past time to do this. The only way to accomplish this would be with user-input vs. the old way of company people deciding how to categorize/rate things with 1 answer for everyone or 1 answer for one type of person. This would fit with DDG’s ideals: Instead of profiling people to give them results, DDG & users would be profiling data (and allowing people more control of what they see).

I’ve been gnawing away at this idea on my own for a very long time. Might as well share it.
a comment on the General Rambling Logo Parody/Tribute for Redirect? 4 years and 5 months ago
I can’t find an answer to this, so…
I have been promoting DDG to people that follow me and in my blog for a year or so now. If I took DDG’s restyling of its logo and used it in a link to DDG search (that redirected to DDG or used Bang Syntax to search my site) with the restyle being topical (i.e. if It was a comic book site, styling the Duck as a Superhero, or if it was a Video Game: styling the Duck as an 8bit video game character or with a “Tron”-like helmet, etc.) if DDG would send me a take down notice. Note: The sites I am talking about are non-commercial, and would use the official DDG plugin script for intra-site search or extra-site search linked to DDG, and only the duck graphic would be changed to “fit” into the site’s style.

I would hate to put time and effort into making artwork honoring DDG, only for them to issue a takedown notice and waste everyone’s time (and money).
a reply to a comment on the General Rambling Adium makes a great XMPP client too 5 years and 8 days ago
Between and it gets a bit confusing and easy to switch them around while typing.

Pidgin is not Adium. Although they use the same core, they are different apps by different development teams. Pidgin developers recognize that Adium is more polished on OS X and recommend it instead. I just cut out the middleman and go directly to Adium’s page [].
a comment on the General Rambling Adium makes a great XMPP client too 5 years and 11 days ago
I just configured Adium as my cXMPP chat client on my OS X laptop. Funny that Adium was not mentioned since its mascot is also a duck. a simple bang syntax search on DDG for
!macupdate adium
will take you to the MU search results for it.

Just chose the XMPP (jabber) from Adium’s Preferences>Account>+ (pulldown]
type in your & password
select OK
and in a few seconds it connects.

BTW, Adium is free software (not even ad-ware), and I make no money for posting any of this, I just really like the software, especially the UI customizations and themes you can do on it.
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