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a comment on the token [settings] By default settings are stored in non-personal browser cookies (in your browser). You can use Anonymous Cloud Save to store your settings in a more permanent way (on a remote server in the cloud). No personally identifiable information will be stored in the cloud, and your pass phrase will never leave your browser. in the domain for the language Tagalog in the Philippines 1 year and 24 days ago
Note sure if I translated it well LoL

"Ang mga setting ay karaniwang naka-imbak sa di-personal na cookie ng browser (sa iyong browser). Maari mong gamitin ang Anonymous Cloud Save upang mag-imbak ng iyong mga setting sa mas permanenteng paraan (sa remote server ng cloud). Walang impormasyon na makakapagbigay ng iyong pagkakakilanlan ang maiimbak sa cloud, maging ang iyong kontrasenyas ay hindi aalis ng iyong browser."

In the Philippines, where information technology were not widely used before, these terms where never given a chance to have an exact equivalent word in the native language. Most of the time, Filipino just borrowed and adopt English words.

Browser can be replace by the word - "Panginain" though, this word is new coined word for those who insist that there may be a “native” Tagalog translation for every English word. (This word is still uncommon to most of the population in the Philippines.)

Kontrasenyas in the close translation of the word - "Password" or "Pass Phrase" Though it is derived from the Spanish word contra señyas or countersign in English.

Cookies is literally translated as biskwit in Tagalog (referred as a food, not in a technological sense). We should not translate the word cookies as biskwit for this will make it feel really awkward in Tagalog. (Another borrowed word from English).

Default is not translated directly to Tagalog since it doesn't have an exact equivalent translation but instead, translated in a phrase which has the closest context to it. "Ang mga setting ay karaniwang naka-imbak..." which means "Settings are usually stored...". The meaning of default is - "failure to fulfill an obligation, especially to repay a loan or appear in a court of law" but, the word default here is used as of a computer program or mechanism. Since Tagalog doesn't have that kind of term that would fit the translation, we used a phrase that could closely suffice the meaning of the context.

Anonymous Cloud Save - translating this word into Tagalog by word per word will make it feel really awkward and wrong in so many levels so we retain it as it is to maintain the meaning and does not have to make a long phrase that would only suffice the meaning of this term.

Cloud is translated as Ulap in Tagalog. Though in this case, we will still use the word Cloud since there are no official Tagalog word of that would mean in a technological context.

Setting can be translated as Pagtatakda though, this word is not the exact translation and can make the context a far from what is intended. Setting can be used as it is for it doesn't have an exact equivalent word and it is often used in Tagalog.
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