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a comment on the blog post Our XMPP services at DuckDuckGo 4 years and 11 days ago
I have been a dedicated user of DuckDuckGo for several months. Google and it's evil twin brother, Bing, have done their best to ruin the online esperience for me. Pretty much every time I made a purchase online, it would be no more than 5-minutes before the hordes would be in pursuit, trying to sell me more of what I had just purchased. This strikes me as very poor marketing. First, why would I want to purchase more of what I have just purchased only minutes before. As for the sheer volume of the ads targetting me, this is just plain ridiculous. If it wasn't so annoying, it would be funny. Don't these fools realize that their harassment of would be customers is more likely to drive us away than to win us over.

Since coming over to you guys from the darkside, targetted advertising has dropped to a trickle. The few ads that get through are likely from vendors who use Google to locate inventory on their own websites. It has become my fervent hope that Google suffocates in it's own filth.

Thank you DuckDuckGo for being there to champion those of us who value what little privacy we can find online. It is a valuable commodity, indeed.
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