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a comment on the General Rambling William Cullen's birthday - doodle 4 years and 11 months ago
Hello! I am a Project Assistant for the 'Cullen Project'

Dr William Cullen was probably Scotland's most prominent physician in the 18th century. He is the man who coined the word 'neurosis', and thanks to him the basis for home refrigeration were set. He was also the inventor of a bathing machine, and was known worldwide with students coming all the way from America to study under his supervision.

His birthday occurs on the 15th April. (I know - I'm early :/ )
Would it be possible to set up a doodle to celebrate him on that day? Please let me know. Unfortunately I'm not a 'designer', so perhaps there's someone who wants to try to create a duck-shape Cullen -> here is his portrait from which we could take inspiration:

Please do let me have guidance about how to do this - I'm new here!

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